You Can Help Prevent Cyberattacks

Published On: March 22nd, 2023Categories: Business Technology, Cyber Security, Tech Tips

Did you know over 80% of cyberattacks target individuals like you?

Phishing is when cybercriminals try to trick you into giving out sensitive information or taking a potentially dangerous action, like clicking on a link or downloading an infected attachment. They do this using emails disguised as contacts or organizations you trust so that you react without thinking first. Successful cyberattacks can result in financial harm, reputational damage, or data theft.

Remember the tips below to help against the dangers of phishing!

Do you know the sender?
Never reply to messages from unknown senders. If the sender claims to be from your organization, but you are unsure of their identity, contact them from a known phone number or email.

Did the message ask you to log in to an unusual website?
Always review links for misspellings or anything suspicious to make sure they are taking you to a trusted website before clicking on them.

Does the message make a strange, unusual, or urgent request? Does it bring out strong emotion?
This is a bad sign. Always think critically about the actions you are about to take. If you are unsure, contact your security team.

As always: stop, look, and think before taking any action!

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About the Author: Eric Vicencio

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