Microsoft Security Patches Coming

Published On: January 11th, 2023Categories: Business Software, Business Technology, Cyber Security, Tech Case Studies, Tech Trends

Microsoft is set to release nearly 100 security patches to start 2023. Of these patches, 11 are rated as “critical” by Microsoft, meaning they could be exploited by malware to seize control over vulnerable Windows systems with little difficulty. In addition, one of these “critical” patches is currently a zero-day vulnerability. Meaning this is likely a threat actively being exploited by attackers.

What do Microsoft users need to do?
We recommend you check for any window updates and do not ignore messages where your computer needs a restart to finish taking updates.

At ECT, we are currently testing the patches to ensure that there are no “bugs” that would affect business applications, but please be aware that with any update, there may be some bugs to work out.

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